JEFF- The Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics
A Publication of Original Research & Advances in Fibers, Fibrous Materials and their Components & Applications
Volume 3, Issue 1 - 2008

Original Papers

Cross-linking Electrospun Polydioxanone-Soluble Elastin Blends: Material Characterization
Michael J. McClure
Scott A. Sell
Catherine P. Barnes
Whitney C. Bowen
Gary L. Bowlin, Ph.D.

Virginia Commonwealth University

A Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling and Experimental Study of the Mixing Process for the Dispersion of the Synthetic Fibers in Wet-Lay Forming
Melur K. Ramasubramanian, Ph.D.
Donald A. Shiffler, Ph.D.
Amit Jayachandran

North Carolina State University

Relative Performance of Lockstitch and Chainstitch at the Seat Seam of Military Trouser
Arunangshu Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D.
National Institute of Technology Jalandhar

Warp Breaks Detection in Jacquard Weaving Using MEMS: Effect of Weave on Break Signals
Jin H Lee, Ph.D.
Abdelfattah Mohamed Seyam, Ph.D.
George Hodge, Ph.D.
William Oxenham, Ph.D.
Edward Grant, Ph.D.

North Carolina State University


Comments on the Paper Entitled “Splitting of Islands-in-the-Sea Fibers (PA6/COPET) During Hydroentangling of Nonwovens”
Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Ph.D.
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Book Review

"Electrospinning of Micro- and Nanofibers:Fundamentals in Separation and Filtration Processes"
Authors: Y. Filatov, A. Budyka, and V. Kirichenko
Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry, Moscow RUSSIA
Reviewer: H. Young Chung, Ph.D.
Donaldson Co., Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Special Bulletin

ITMA 2007 Review: Implications for the “Nonwovens Industry”
Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Ph.D.
North Carolina State University