Volume 4, Issue 3 - 2009

Original Papers

Characterization by Mercury Porosimetry of Nonwoven Fiber Media with Deformation
Gregory C. Rutledge, Joseph L. Lowery, Chia-Ling Pai
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Controlling Liquid Release by Compressing Electrospun Nanowebs
K.G. Kornev
Clemson University
X. Ren
Y. Dzenis

University of Nebraska

Copper Alginate-Cotton Cellulose (CACC) Fibers with Excellent Antibacterial Properties
Mary Grace, M.Sc.
Sunil Kumar Bajpai, Ph.D.

Government Medical Science College
Navin Chand, Ph.D.
Advanced Materials and Process Research Institute

Influence of Spinning Parameters and Recovered Fibers from Cotton Waste on the Uniformity and Hairiness of Rotor Spun Yarn
Halimi Mohamed Taher, Ph.D.
Azzouz Bechir, Ph.D.
Ben Hassen Mohamed
Sakli Faouzi

Textile Research Unit of ISET

Bleaching of Wool with Sodium Borohydride
Duygu Yilmazer, MSc.
Mehmet Kanik, Ph.D.

University of Uludag