JEFF- The Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics
A Publication of Original Research & Advances in Fibers, Fibrous Materials and their Components & Applications
Volume 6, Issue 4 - 2011

Original Papers

Control of Inter-fiber Fusing for Nanofiber Webs via Electrospinning
Bharath K. Raghavan, Ph.D
Douglas W. Coffin

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Structure, Morphology and Thermal Stability of Porous Carbon Nanofibers Loaded with Cobalt Nanoparticles
Dawei Gao
Hui Qiao
Qingqing Wang
Yibing Cai
Qufu Wei

Jiangnan University

The Influence of Knitted Fabrics’ Structure on the Thermal and Moisture Management Properties
Elena Onofrei
Ana Maria Rocha
André Catarino

University of Minho, Guimaraes Braga

Compressibility Behaviour of Warp Knitted Spacer Fabrics Based on Elastic Curved Bar Theory
Fatemeh Mokhtari
Mahnaz Shamshirsaz
Masoud Latifi
Mohammad Maroufi

Amirkabir University of Technology

Development of a Parametric Design Method for Various Woven Fabric Structures
Sungmin Kim
Chonnam National University, Gwangju,

Cellulose Submicron Fibers
Rohit Uppal
Gita N. Ramaswamy

Kansas State University

Development of Models to Predict Tensile Strength of Cotton Woven Fabrics
Zulfiqar Ali Malik, Ph.D.
Mumtaz Hasan Malik, Ph.D.
Tanveer Hussain, Ph.D.

National Textile University, Faisalabad
Farooq Ahmed Arain

Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro

AC Conductivity Studies on PMMA-PANI (HCl) Nanocomposite Fibers Produced by Electrospinning
Veluru Jagadeesh Babu
Appukuttan Sreekumaran Nair
Seeram Ramakrishna

National University of Singapore
V. S. Pavan Kumar

Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Department of Rubber and Plastics Technology, Chennai
Vasantha Kumari
Crescent Engineering College, Chennai

Characterization of Electrospun Novel Poly(ester-ether) Copolymers: 1,4-Dioxan-2-one and D,L-3-Methyl-1,4- dioxan-2-one
Patricia S. Wolfe
Gary L. Bowlin

Virginia Commonwealth University
Yemanlall Lochee
Dhanjay Jhurry
Archana Bhaw-Luximon

University of Mauritius, Reduit

The Effect of Spectrophotometer Geometry on the Measured Colors for Textile Samples with Different Textures
Saeideh Gorji Kandi
Institute for Color Science & Technology, Tehran