JEFF- The Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics
A Publication of Original Research & Advances in Fibers, Fibrous Materials and their Components & Applications
Volume 7, Issue 2 - 2012

Original Papers

An Intelligent Model to Predict Breaking Strength of Rotor Spun Yarns Using Gene Expression Programming
Abdolrasool Moghassem, Ph.D.
Alireza Fallahpour
Islamic Azad University
Mohsen Shanbeh
Isfahan University of Technology

Effect of Lycra Extension Percent on Single Jersey Knitted Fabric Properties
R. Sadek
A. M. El-Hossini,
A. S. Eldeeb
A.A. Yassen

Mansoura University

A Note on the 3D Structural Design of Electrospun Nanofibers
Maryam Yousefzadeh
Masoud Latifi
Mohammad Amani-Tehran

Amirkabir University of Technology
Wee-Eong Teo
Seeram Ramakrishna

National University of Singapore

Antibacterial Finishing of Tencel/
Cotton Nonwoven Fabric Using Ag Nanoparticles-Chitosan Composite

Youbo Di
Qingshan Li

Yanshan University
Xupin Zhuang, Ph.D
Tianjin Polytechnic University

Alkali Extraction of Kraft Pulp Fibers: Influence on Fiber and Fluff Pulp Properties
Kristoffer Lund
Harald Brelid

Chalmers University of Technology
Karin Sjöström
Södra Innovation

Improvement Fastnesses and Color Strength Of Pigment Printed Textile Fabric
Necla Yaman Ph.D.
Usak University
Esen Ozdogan Ph.D.
Necdet Seventekin Ph.D.

Ege University

Development of Electrospun Iminochitosan for Improved Wound Healing Application
Rupesh Gajanan Nawalakhe, M.S.
Samuel M. Hudson, Ph.D.
Abdel-Fattah Mohamed Seyam, Ph.D.

North Carolina State University
Ahmed I. Waly, Ph.D.
Nabil Y. Abou-Zeid, Ph.D.
Hassan M. Ibrahim, M.S.

National Research Center, Cairo

Effect of Nozzle Structural Parameters on Hairiness of Compact-Jet Yarns
Demet Yilmaz
Mustafa Resit Usal

Suleyman Demirel University

Comparison of Conventional Ring, Mechanical Compact and Pneumatic Compact Yarn Spinning Systems
Sevda Altas
Hüseyin Kadoğlu

Ege University

Accreditation of Novel Roselle Grafted Fiber Reinforced Bio-Composites
Ashish Chauhan, Balbir Kaith
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology

Design and Characterization of Conformal Microstrip Antennas Integrated into 3D Orthogonal Woven Fabrics
Xin Wang
Lan Yao
Fujun Xu
Dongchun Zhou
Yiping Qiu

Donghua University

Grey Relational Analysis to Determine the Optimum Process Parameters for Open-End Spinning Yarns
Hossein Hasani,
Somayeh Akhavan Tabatabaei,
Ghafour Amiri

Isfahan University of Technology

The Effect of the Sliver Fiber Configuration on the Cotton Inter-fiber Frictional Forces
Sheraz Ahmad
Artan Sinoimeri

LPMT Laboratoire de Physique et Mécanique Textiles
Shahram Nowrouzieh Ph.D.
Cotton Research Institute of Iran

Preparation and Characterization of Porous TiO2 Fibers and Their Photocatalytic Activity
Dawei Gao
Qingqing Wang
Hui Qiao
Yibing Cai
Fenglin Huang
Qufu Wei

Jiangnan University

Frictional Behavior of Plain Woven Fabrics Constructed from Polyester and Cotton Yarns in Different Environmental Conditions
Ali Arshi Ph.D.
Islamic Azad University
AliAsghar Asgharian Jeddi
AliAsghar Katbab

AmirKabir University of Technology

Manufacturing Technique and Deodorization Effectiveness against Ammonia Gas of Bamboo Charcoal/Spandex Complex Knitted Fabrics
Ching-Wen Lou, Ph.D.
Chao-Tsang Lu, Ph.D.

Central Taiwan University of Science
Ching-Wen Lin, Ph.D.
Asia University, Taichung
An-Pang Chen
Shr-Bin Jang

Feng Chia University
Jia-Horng Lin, Ph.D.
Feng Chia University, China Medical University

Effects of Electrospinning Setup and Process Parameters on Nanofiber Morphology Intended for the Modification of Quartz Crystal Microbalance Surfaces
Didem Rodoplu
Mehmet Mutlu, Ph.D.

Hacettepe University