JEFF- The Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics
A Publication of Original Research & Advances in Fibers, Fibrous Materials and their Components & Applications
Volume 7, Issue 3 - 2012

Original Papers

Study the Effect of Test Speed and Fabric Weight on Puncture Behavior of Polyester Needlepunched Nonwoven Geotextiles
Azadeh Seif Askari, Saeed Shaikhzadeh Najar, Yoness Alizadeh Vaghasloo
Amirkabir University of Technology

Bagging Behavior of Different Fabric Structures Knitted From Blended Yarns Using Image Processing
Hossein Hasani, Sanaz Hassan Zadeh, Sanaz Behtaj
Isfahan University of Technology

Preparation and Characterization of Fe3+, La3+ Co-Doped Tio2 Nanofibers and Its Photocatalytic Activity
Ning Wu, Ph.D., Li Chen, Ph.D., Yanan Jiao, Ph.D., Guangwei Chen, Jialu Li
Tianjin Polytechnic University

Effect of Ozone Treatment on the Dyeing Properties of Mulberry and Tassar Silk Fabrics
Sargunamani Devaraju, Ph.D., Selvakumar N., Ph.D.
Anna University

Analysis of Fabrics Structure on the Character of Wicking
Ramesh Babu V., Ramakrishnan G., Ph.D.
Kumaraguru College of Technology Subramanian V. S., Ph.D.
Madha Engineering College
Lakshmi Kantha, Ph.D.
Jaya Engineering College

Application of Taguchi and Full Factorial Experimental Design to Model the Color Yield of Cotton Fabric Dyed with Six Selected Direct Dyes
Faezeh Fazeli, Hossein Tavanai, Ph.D., Ali Zeinal Hamadani, Ph.D.
Isfahan University of Technology

Three Dimensional Flow Simulation in Yarn Duct of Interlacers with Various Cross-Sectional Shapes
Qiu Hua, Ph.D., Yan Jin
Jiangnan University

Visible Light Shielding Performance of Fabrics with Non-Circular Cross Section Fiber
Xiaosong Liu, Fumei Wang
Donghua University

Effect of Fluid Flow, Solution Chemistry and Surface Morphology of Fibrous Material on Colloid Filtration
Manoj Dagaonkar, Ph.D., Udayan Majumdar
Hindustan Unilever Limited

Thermal Properties of Wool Fabrics Treated in Atmospheric Pressure Post-Discharge Plasma Equipment
Ada Ferri, Giorgio Rovero, Silvio Sicardi
Politecnico di Torino
Fabio Rombaldoni, Giorgio Mazzuchetti
National Research Council, Institute for Macromolecular Studies

Investigation of Crystalline and Tensile Properties of Carbon Nanotube-Filled Polyamide-12 Fibers Melt-Spun by Industry-Related Processes
Sanjukta Chatterjee, Ph.D., Felix A. Reifler, Ph.D., Rudolf Hufenus, Ph.D.
Laboratory for Advanced Fibers
Bryan T. Chu
Laboratory for Functional Polymers

Intelligent Techniques for Modeling the Relationships between Sensory Attributes and Instrumental Measurements of Knitted Fabrics
Selsabil El-Ghezal Jeguirim, Ph.D., Dominique C. Adolphe, Ph.D., Laurence M. Schacher, Ph.D.
ENSISA, Laboratoire de Physique et Mécanique Textiles
Mahdi Sahnoun, Ph.D., Amal Babay Douib, Ph.D., Morched Cheikhrouhou, Ph.D.
Textiles Research Unit of ISET

Effects of Solospun Roller on Properties of Cotton/Polyester Solo-Sirofil Composite Yarn
Rui-Hua Yang, Ph.D., Wei-Mian Wu, Hong-Bo Wang, Ph.D., Yu-Qin Wan, Ph.D., Chun-Ping Xie, Wei-Dong Gao
Jiangnan University

Effect of Laundering Hydroentangled Cotton Nonwoven Fabrics
Paul Sawhney, Michael Reynolds, Chuck Allen, Ryan Slopek, Sunghyun Nam, Brian Condon
Southern Regional Research Center, New Orleans

Anti-felting Oxidation Treatment of Cashmere Fibers
Long Li, Ph.D., Fang Jiang, Guiqin Jia, Wei Wang
Xi'an Polytechnic University

Melt-Processing and Properties of Coaxial Fibers Incorporating Carbon Nanotubes
Alexis Laforgue, Michel F. Champagne, Lucie Robitaille
National Research Council Canada
Jean Dumas
Defence Research and Development Canada