JEFF- The Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics
A Publication of Original Research & Advances in Fibers, Fibrous Materials and their Components & Applications
Volume 9, Issue 3 - 2014

The Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics (JEFF) is an international, peer-reviewed scientific e-Journal that publishes original R&D on all aspects of fabric technologies and their value chain from raw materials to end use products

Original Papers

JEFF publishes on a quarterly basis

Mechanical Properties of Three-Dimensional Fabric Sandwich Composites
Mengyuan Wang, Haijian Cao, Kun Qian
Jiangnan University

Analysis of Ultrasonic Seam Tensile Properties of Thermal Bonded Nonwoven Fabrics
Mahmut Kayar, PhD
Marmara University

An Investigation into Acoustic Properties of Lightly Needled Estabragh Nonwovens Using the Taguchi Method
Sanaz Hassanzadeh, Mohammad Zarrebini, Hossein Hasani
Isfahan University of Technology

Improving Dimensional Stability of Cotton Knits Through Resin Finishing
Faiza Safdar, Tanveer Hussain, PhD, Ahsan Nazir, Kashif Iqbal
Isfahan University of Technology

Hygienic Property of Microfiber Synthetic Leather Base Modified via a "Two-Step Method"
Longfang Ren, Guohui Zhao, Xuechuan Wang, Taotao Qiang, PhD, Na Wang, Chao Han
Shaanxi Research Institute of Agricultural Products Processing Technology

Statistical Model for Predicting Compressed Air Consumption on Air-Jet Looms
Abdul Jabbar, Shakeel Ahmed, Tanveer Hussain, PhD, Noman Haleem, Faheem Ahmed
National Textile University

The Adsorption Character of Kapok Fiber and Reactive Dyeing Technology on Modified Kapok Fiber
Ying Ding, PhD, Zaisheng Cai, Liming Wang, Yong Shen, Qunyan Gao
Donghua University

Photostability and Durability Properties of Photochromic Organosilica Coating on Fabric
Marzieh Parhizkar, PhD, Yan Zhao, PhD, Xunagi Wang, PhD, Tong Lin, PhD

Deakin University

Poly (ε-caprolactone) Fiber: An Overview
Bahareh Azimi, Parviz Nourpanah, Mohammad Rabiee, Shahram Arbab
Amirkabir University of Technology

Experimental Analysis and Orthotropic Hyperelastic Modelling Of Textile Woven Fabric
R. Zouari, S. Ben Amar, A. Dogui
University of Monastir

Modeling Ultraviolet Protection Factor of Polyester-Cotton Blended Woven Fabrics Using Soft Computing Approaches
Piyali Hatua, Abhijit Majumdar, PhD, Apurba Das, PhD
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Influence of the Temperature on the Efficiency of Cellulose Treatment Using Copolymer Chitosan-Eugenol
Olivera Sauperl, Jasna Tompa, Julija Volmajer-Valh
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Thermo-physiological Comfort Properties of Polyester and Polyester/Acrylic blended Synthetic Fabrics treated with Herbal Finishes
Gunasekaran Govindachetty, Koushik C. Venkatraman
Sona College of Technology
Periyasamy Sidhan
PSG College of Technology

Preparation of Antibacterial Silk and Analysis of Interface Formation Mechanism
Xiaoli Chen, Liqiao Wei
Taiyuan University of Technology

Optimization of Process Parameters for Fabrication of Wool Fiber-Reinforced Polypropylene Composites with Respect to Mechanical Properties
Rajkumar Govindaraju, Srinivasan Jagannathan, Mohanbharathi Chinnasamy, Kandhavadivu P.
Kumaraguru College of Technology

The Property of Automobile Engine Oil Filtration Material and the Development of New Filter
Jian Yong Feng, Jianchun Zhang
Donghua University

1,2,3,4-Butanetetracarboxylic Acid Cross-Linked Softwood Kraft Pulp Fibers for Use in Fluff Pulp Applications
Kristoffer Lund
Chalmers University of Technology
Harald Brelid
Södra Innovation

Investigation of Moisture Transportation Properties of Knitted Fabrics Made From Viscose Vortex Spun Yarns
Salome Kyatuheire, Li Wei, PhD, Josphat Igadwa Mwasiagi, PhD
Donghua University

Physical and Mechanical Properties of Nylon 6/ Titanium Dioxide Micro and Nano-Composite Multifilament Yarns
Shima Shayestehfar, PhD
Science and Research Branch, Hesarak, Tehran
Mohammad Esmail Yazdanshenas, PhD, Ramin Khajavi, PhD, Abo-Saeed Rashidi, PhD
Islamic Azad University

Evaluation of Color Difference, Whiteness, and Luster of Multifilament Polyester Woven Fabrics
Mohsen Shanbeh, Haleh Khalili, Jalil Hajrasouliha, Alireza Shiasi
Isfahan University of Technology