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Manuscript Requirements

Please submit all manuscripts in English.  Click here for Sample Manuscript

This document provides information and instructions for preparing your paper.  Follow the specifications in this document to determine the layout of your pages.  If you follow the instructions included here, the typeface, style and basic layout of your paper should look like this document.

Please submit all manuscripts in English. The final copy of your paper should include a general outline of topics covered and a bibliography.

Each author warrants his or her submission is original and that the research results have not been published nor will be submitted for publication elsewhere while under consideration by the Journal.  Manuscripts must be submitted on-line at

To submit a paper the Author must also complete the following forms:

  • Copyright transfer form signed by all authors (offline or online submission)
  • Manuscript which includes figure, table, references, etc.
  • Structured abstract with headings Introduction, Methods, Results, and Conclusion-275 word limit (Complete online using  the JEFF manuscript submission software:

Author’s Instructions for Typing a Paper in a Two-Column Format

Sample Manuscript


The Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics (JEFF Journal) pricing policy is as follows:

An Administrative Charge of $50 will be imposed on any manuscript that is uploaded into the system for review; this will cover any necessary costs for managing the article through the review process. 

A $250 Publishing Fee will be imposed on any manuscript “Accepted” for publication; this will cover any typesetting, formatting, editing that has to be done prior to publication.  It will also cover any servers, hosting costs, and marketing costs associated with making sure that the journal article receives global exposure.